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asiacylce - network for quality

asiacycle - partners for quality in recycling

asiacycle - collective responsibility

asiacycle - observe high standard

"The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination"

Albert Einstein

Welcome to asiacycle – our network for quality in recycling

asiacycle is a network for recycling and a network for quality. With focus on the Asian market.
Aim is a plastic recycling on a high level. For this purpose, view to the complete supply chain.

asiacycle is a certification aimed at post-consumer and post-industrial plastics recyclers.

This certification gives confidence to suppliers and customers that any input of plastic scrap and output produced in a certified facility will be treated according to a high standard.
All certified traders, Pre-treatment facilities and recyclers supported the network, to rise up the standards in the complete plastic scrap supply chain.

The purposes of asiacycle are


  • collective¬†responsibility of plastic traders, Pre treatment and plastics recyclers
  • observe a high standard to the plastic scrap supply chain
  • to established a joined appreciation of quality level


The certification covers the following areas:

  • operating and environmental permits required for the country of operation
  • incoming material procedures and controls
  • stock management
  • pretreatment, -processing (trader)
  • output material procedures and controls¬†(trader)
  • communication process between trader and plastic recycler
  • recycling process (plastic recyclers)
  • controls on recycled outputs¬†(plastic recyclers)
  • environmental protection
  • subcontracting

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